Your Journey of Justice

end itLast week 60,000 people gathered together in Atlanta for the 2013 Passion Conference. This was the 2nd year that the conference focussed on ending modern day slavery. This shows me beyond a shadow of doubt that we can all be involved in ending modern day slavery and that we have no excuse any more to say “i don’t know what I can do” which usually leads to doing absolutely nothing. That my friends is not acceptable any more.

The conference focussed on raising money for causes and org’s that help Awake people to issues of injustice, Prevent injustice from happening,  Rescue women, men and children from trafficking and Restore their lives. Here is a list of org’s that money was raised for:

Awake- Slavery FootprintPolaris Project.

Prevent- Not For Sale ThailandFree The Slaves GhanaWorld Relief CambodiaStella’s Voice MoldovaA-21 Campaign

Rescue- Bombay Teen ChallengeTiny Hands IntOut Of DarknessIJMFree The Slaves,

Restore- Warm Blankets Orphan CareWellspringRatanak IntRestore NYC, She is SafeLove 146HagarA-21 Bulgaria

So, the amount of money raised during the 4 days was (drum roll please) $2, 566, 679 by conference attendees and $500, 000 by a couple who attended Passion 2012. That means the total raised was $3, 066, 670, all going towards ending the horror that enslaves 27 million in our world today.

This is amazing and encouraging. Thanks to everyone who gave, who prayed, who put on the conference and who did all the little behind the scenes stuff that made it all happen.

Here is a next step, if you want to see more of what the issue of slavery looks like we invite you to come with us to Cambodia this summer, 2013. We will be going on prayer walks, meeting people who were enslaved and some who still are, and seeing lives changed and people set free. For more information you can go here.

See the CNN news clip on the conference here.

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