World Water Day- March 22

2012-08-09 15.09.26For this World Water Day we are going to go a day without using unnecessary water. So, no showering, no washing clothes, no watering your lawn (if your in Canada or the N. USA this is not an issue) no using it to brush your teeth or take your meds. Just use it to drink and to keep sanitation standards, or carry hand sanitizer. If you are going to drink, just drink water. No coffee, juice, beer, wine, cola, smoothie, etc.

Then, at some point during the day please consider donating to Rock Foundation Cambodia as they are putting water filtration systems into peoples homes in Phnom Penh, Cambodia (like this one pictured above). This way we are giving back. You can give at and 100% goes to Rock Foundation. Please make your donations before midnight Friday the 22nd.

Thanks, any questions feel free to ask. Also, post all Instagram pictures and twitter posts with the hash tag #stepsofjustice #worldwaterday

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