World Malaria day- April 25


Today is World Malaria Day. Here is an email I received from Malaria No More

“On this day, we celebrate the malaria community’s accomplishments and RAISE OUR VOICES — not one person should die from this preventable and treatable disease. A $10 insecticide-treated mosquito net can protect two people in the evening when the risk is highest. A rapid blood test will confirm the presence of malaria and a treatment that costs less than a dollar will provide a cure for a child. When these tools are available, we see dramatic progress. But we must get mosquito nets, tests and treatments out to millions across Africa where more than 1,800 children will perish today from this disease.”

It is so freaking crazy that people across our world are still dying from mosquito bites, 1,800 per day to be more specific. It is also crazy that it only costs $10 to prevent this for 2 people. The people at Malaria No More are doing some great stuff, I truly believe in them.

Last monty at the YWAM campus in Mexico that I work at we took up an offering for Malaria No More. We raised over $150 in USD and Mexican Pecos. It was encouraging to see people respond to a need, people who have needs presented to them daily. There are just some things that you can’t say no to, and providing $10 for a mosquito net that will save 2 lives is one of those things. The other thing that happened during our time in Mexico is that people wrote prayers for those dying with malaria. We sent all the cash and prayers in an envelope and sent it to Malaria No More. I was psyched that we sent both, the cash and the prayers, cause both are needed.

I encourage you to take some time to day and Tweet, Facebook, text, phone, or tell your friends and those around you about Malaria No More. You can send them to their site for more info, or direct them to Steps. You can either donate to Malaria No More, or donate through Steps of Justice. 100% of your donation through Steps of Justice will go to Malaria No More and all gifts are tax deductible.

Doing Justice One Step At A Time.

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