without shoes

Today was Toms “day without shoes.” I sat in meetings all day so i wasn’t walking around on rocks or gravel, but i did experience something else, something I never thought I would experience. I experienced a bit of embarrassment and insecurity. I was the only one, out of 45 or so not wearing shoes. People know I care about justice issues so not many questioned me or wondered what I was doing, but I felt alone in it. A good friend of mine was going to do it with me, but she messed up her feet running a week or so ago.

So, today I was all alone in my stand for those without shoes. I don’t want to stand alone, it is not the way it was intended to be. I want others fighting for justice around me. Now I had friends all over the country and in Canada participating in this amazing event, but none in my circle. I think the thing that bothered me the most is that they just didn’t seem to care, or get it. Now I know that was not their intent, but in reality we participate in the things we care deeply about.

So in closing, I enjoyed my day without shoes. I will continue to bring people to action when it comes to taking “steps of justice.” How was your day without shoes?

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