Why Cambodia?

Why Cambodia? I am sure some of you are asking that question. I wanted to answer that in a creative way using pictures that are far more dynamic than anything I could say about it. Below are a few reasons why I think you should come to Cambodia with me this summer.


Come because you are invited

Come because you are Invited

Come because of the people

Come because of the people

come because of the food

Come because of the food


Cambodia, in some ways, will be blessed when we arrive, but in addition, we will be equally blessed by the Kingdom and people of Cambodia. There is something beautiful about getting away from everything you know and spending time in another culture. Eating different foods, speaking and hearing different languages, experiencing different temperatures and seeing how other people live. This is also true in our Christian lives. Sometimes we, as N. American Christians, feel like we have the market on how to worship. Well, we don’t.

It says in the bible that Jesus will be worshipped in Heaven by every tribe, tongue and nation. It is a life changing thing as a follower of Jesus to see Him being worshipped in a different language. It is beautiful seeing people worshipping Jesus in different ways that comes out of the person that Jesus created them to be. It gives us a more whole view of Jesus, one that is very much not N. American/western. It is experiences like these that make me long even more for his Kingdom to come.

Why wouldn’t you come with Steps Of Justice to Cambodia? Well, here are a few reasons that Moses gave the LORD when he was asked to go to Egypt.

1. “They won’t believe me God.” God say’s “go, I will show them myself through you.”

2.” I’m not a good speaker or communicator God.” God say’s “I will speak through you, I gave you your mouth.”

3. “I’m scared, send someone else.” God was angry, at his lack of faith, trust and motivation.

My challenge to you is to come on this trip with us. Let God change your life. Let Him expand your view of Him. Let him be glorified through you.

The other cool thing is that you will get to eat Tarantula.

For info on the trip or to sign up check it over at Cambodia 2018 Trip.





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