Why Cambodia?

in 1975 Cambodia went through a four year civil war, where 1/3 of the population was either executed for no reason, or died of malnutrition or disease.
As a result of this, much of the population is young. In fact, two thirds of Cambodia’s population is under the age of thirty.
The Cambodia people are resilient, fun, welcoming and warm. It is such a gift to serve along side them, and to be a part of their culture.
Our partners on the ground in Cambodia, those we work with on a regular basis are amazing. They not only host our teams, but they also have given their time, resources and energy to serve the Khmer people.
Family is a high value as Steps of Justice, but also for the Khmer people. We love this and we get to do ministry as families, not just as adults. The opportunities are endless.
Cambodia has monkeys. Come just for that, they are amazing and roam like cats in certain parts of the country.
Cambodia will change your heart, and bring you to a place where you see Jesus in a different light, as you serve him among the poor, and the vulnerable, His children.

We welcome you to come and join us. To apply, click below.

Cambodia 2023

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