Why Cambodia?

Why Steps of Justice? We started Steps out of the injustices that many of us saw while traveling to countries both locally (USA, Canada, Mexico) and internationally (Cambodia, Thailand, S. Africa). I remember when the conversation started. We were sick of the statistics of 1.25 billion living on less than $1 a day, 30 million slaves in the world and millions of girls trafficked into the illegal sex industry against their will. We were frustrated, offended and knew that it was our responsibility to see these statistics erased. All this came out of scripture from passages like Micah 6:8, Isaiah 61:8 and Matthew 25. Our response, take a step and do what comes naturally to us.

Naturally we wanted to tell others about these issues and help them take steps to get involved in being a part of the change. Jesus doesn’t just call specific people to be involved in doing justice, He calls us all. This call to all means that all need to respond. Like us, we figured that most people don’t know how to respond to issues of global poverty, the ramped sex trade or bonded slavery. So, we started an organization that was intended to help people take simple steps that bring massive change, both in our lives and in the lives of those we are fighting for.

Why Cambodia? Well, we love Cambodia. Phil and Amy Cunningham ,Wayne Shauan and Wade Pallister who are on staff with Steps of Justice have been leading teams to Cambodia for the past 6 years. Cambodia is a beautiful country, filled with great food, smiling people and a devastating history. There is a hunger in Cambodia for the gospel to be preached and also needs to be met. The average yearly wage is Cambodia is $500, there is a huge population that lives in extreme poverty and Cambodia is widely known for it’s sex industry, approx 50,000 sex workers. Once again, it was just natural that we as Steps of Justice go to Cambodia to be apart of peoples lives.

There is also a healthy and growing work in Cambodia among YWAM and other NGO’s (non-government organizations). These organizations are doing great things and are always looking for help, both with volunteers, with finances and in being advocates for the work they are doing. We are privileged to be apart of of what is happening in Cambodia, specifically with ministries like YWAMIJMWorld Vision and Hagar International.

We would love you to journey with us this summer. We are excited about what God is going to do both in our lives and in the lives of those we are serving in Cambodia. We have two dates for the Cambodia trip, one in June and one in August. For more info on the Cambodia trip click here.

Phil Cunningham and the Steps of Justice team.

Photo By Vanessa Hadford.

Steps Of Justice- Whats your next step? from Steps of Justice on Vimeo.

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