What others are saying about Steps Of Justice

So far we have distributed over 500 of the 30 day Steps Of Justice Action/Prayer guides. This is totally exciting for me as i see  it touching and influencing people to Do Justice. When we originally put the action/prayer guides out it was inspired by a Lent Justice challenge that Tearfund organized and the 30 Day Voice For The Voiceless guide that Paul and Suzi Childers released.

Our hope was to put out something that was beautiful. We also wanted to create a guide that illustrated the need for us to act and gave people easy and practical steps of action that anyone could take. The result was the prayer guide. I just wanted to take a moment in this post and share some of the feedback that we have gotten from people who have already received the action/prayer gude. Here are a few.

“I have gotten the guide!  I have looked through it and looks like an amazing resource.  I haven’t had as much time to dig in yet as I would have liked but plan to soon.  I am thinking this could be a great study guide for student ministry and am really thinking about introducing it to our youth leaders.  I will spread the word!” –Clayre Turner (former student in YWAM, youth worker and Texan)

“I’d like to order a bunch more. I could hand these out like candy to people that are interested in making a difference. There is a lot of animosity amount fringe Christians or non-Christians up here about apathy in the church as far as being a part of the solution. It has really challenged me to step out more into the community/life and become more of a solution than an observer. I’ve really had it on my heart to get more involved in doing something like this.” – Andy Webber (friend and all around great guy)

“I am really impressed with what i have read through so far. it has challenged me and i cant wait to do this with my students. as we are heading ino the fall, as a church we are trying to help people understand the injustice that is occuring world wide.”– Jon Enns (friend and pastor)

“Yes, I received my guide and I love it…it’s quite the challenge!  I’ve actually been meaning to write to you about it…thanks for the nudge…And by the way, the layout…pictures and presentation is beautiful.  It is simple, doable and accessible.” – Chris Whitler (missionary, youth worker, husband and dad)
“I love the steps books!! as I saw your email come in I was like “crap, I should really go through it!” so after just flipping through the feedback I wanna give is its brilliant! its very simplistic, easy to follow concise and really challenging. I can’t wait to give my extra copies away and start going through it for devos.
dude, I love this project and I am so behind it! let me know how I can help!”- Ryan Hampton (missionary, barista).

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