We will not settle for contentment

Are you content just reading about issues of poverty? Are you ok just hearing about what others are doing in the fight against injustice? Are you fine just sitting at home as a spectator or would you rather go to the source, meet the people involved and see how you can take action? If you’re like me, it is no longer enough to just watch someone else’s movies, read someone else’s books or hear someone else’s stories, you want your own.

This is one of the many reasons that we take people each summer to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. It is a natural next step that follows your passion and energy to get more involved in bringing justice and mercy to areas of injustice. To get on a plane, put your feet on the ground and see first hand how over 2 billion people live in our world who are classified as the poor (living on less than $2 US dollars a day). This is what we want to see happen for you and I this coming summer.

In 2013 we will be running two trips to Cambodia. The first is June 24- July 3 and the 2nd is August 12- 21. This will be the 7th year for us taking teams to Cambodia. We see God opening more doors and giving us new opportunities each time we go.  We are excited about 2013 because of the opportunities that are available to us, for growth in your own life, and to see growth and healing in the lives of others.

The Steps Of Justice trips are unique. They are a combination of justice awareness, education on justice issues both locally and internationally and opportunities to work with those who are the victims of injustice. Some of the things that you will be doing on your outreach to bring the love and hope of Jesus are the following:

– spending time at the Happy Tree orphanage for children living with HIV/AIDS

– spending time in the slums with the poor putting on children’s programs, running clinics on sanitation and hand washing and doing hair washing for the kids in the villages

– hearing from organizations on the ground like IJMFriends InternationalHagar,  and World Vision.

– working along side our dear friends with the Rock Foundation, providing solar lights and homes for those who were illegally and forcefully evicted from their homes.

– eating our meals at restaurants that employ former street children and victims of  human trafficking in order to help restore their lives. By supporting these businesses, we contribute to their growth and learn more about their work.  Some restaurants include FriendsHagar and Romdeng.

– shopping at places where all the material and goods are made by former sex slaves, the handicapped  and victims of trafficking. All the proceeds from your purchases goes back into the programs that restore these individual’s lives.

These trips are an amazing way to place your feet in situations that you may have only read about in books or heard about. It is an opportunity for you to hear stories of injustice and hope, to see God’s heart breaking for the poor and oppressed, and see how Jesus views His people in Cambodia. It is a time for you to experience Jesus in and through another culture, a beautiful culture that He created and is working in and through. It is an amazing way to have your life wrecked for ever.

Would you please pray about coming with us this summer? For more info you can email us here or go online to check out more on the upcoming trips.


Phil Cunningham and the Steps of Justice team.

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