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Yesterday at the YWAM property in Tijuana Mexico we focussed on women for our act of justice. Why did we focus on women, here are a few reasons:

– 10 million children worldwide are engaged in some facet of the sex industry. Each year at least one million children, mostly girls, become prostitutes.

– Every 9 seconds in the United States, a women is assaulted and beaten.

– In Karachi Pakistan 99% of the babies thrown into gutters, trash bins and on sidewalks are girls. They are considered a burden to society.

– 75%-80% of the worlds 10.6 million refugees are women and children.

– 2/3 of the worlds nearly 130 million out of school children are girls.

Genesis 1:27 say’s “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” We love women because God loves women. He created women and and they are equal in his eyes to men and should be in our eyes as well.

I live with 4 women, my wife Amy and our 3 little girls. They are a blessing and joy to me and I couldn’t imaging it any other way. I couldn’t imagine treating my girls with anything but love and respect and honor, yet many women in our world grow up despised, rejected, and in fear. Fear of being beaten, dishonored, raped, trafficked or killed.

Yesterday as our ‘act of justice’ we honored women. We had an all girl band lead us in worship. It was a beautiful sound of freedom. We also had the girls on campus who were on meal clean-ups come up to the front of the room during worship. Then, we asked the boy’s in the room to come and take the girls clean up for the day. It was a beautiful thing to see these men coming up to the girls and releasing them from their work for the day. Now we didn’t do this because girls are inferior or because they need our help, we did it to serve and honor the women who are in our lives.

The other act we did was to write the girls in our lives that have affected us in some way. We wrote them and thanked them for who they are, encouraged them to continue on and let them know that as women they are appreciated and honored.

We would love it if you joined with us in this. Take a moment even right now and write a short email, text, DM or tweet to the women who God has placed in your lives. You don’t have to be a man to write this letter, as a woman you can be a huge encouragement and champion to other women in your lives. Take some time and encourage a girl today.

all statistics from Photogenx

Photo from Jim Baker


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