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The morning started at 7. I was cold and wanted to get into the shower to warm up and wake up. I knew right away that it wasn’t an option as I was spending today without water. I got up and dressed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. This is always one of the worst parts of going without water for me. There is no real joy in brushing your teeth without water involved. I won’t go into details, but it sucks.

Then, after that I went into the kitchen and proceeded to not make myself a cup of coffee or cold orange juice. What was I going to do now, I was bored. So, I woke up my girls, kissed them goodbye and headed out for the day. I worked down in Mexico today where the Discipleship Training School (DTS) and Children at Risk School (CRS) are also going a day without water. I got down there and walked into the meeting room and saw all the students wearing their Do Justice shirts. It was super encouraging to see that I was not doing this alone, but there were many others going without water as well.

The day was going good, well that is up until lunch time. It was about that time when the head aches began. I was starting to get a big frustrated and definitely thirsty. I met my friend Chris for coffee (him, not me) We talked for a while, but I found myself getting distracted and frustrated. Then I did some more running around, all the while wondering why I was so impatient, and why my head hurt so badly. It was just before I got home that it hit me. I realized what it must be like to live a day, week, month, year, life without life giving water. I began to see again why it is so taxing and life sucking to be stuck in  extreme poverty.

How can you get anything done if you are constantly distracted by headaches, thirst, lack of energy and a fear that your family is not going to survive the night. I couldn’t imagine what it must be like to hear your kids cry night after night for water and not be able to give them any, or worse, have to give them water that is filled with parasites and disease. This is unacceptable. 1 in 8 people world wide live this way on a daily basis. The water is there, but they cannot get it. Why, because they lack the energy, resources, money, time, ability and tools to do so.

This is where you and I come in. You can be a part of the solution. This is why we do a day without water, and all the other acts of justice that we have done and will continue to do. Please don’t think that doing these acts is helping anyone who is living in extreme poverty, it is not. We do these acts to help us. They help us to empathize, to remember, to pray and hopefully to act. If we don’t act, then we just spend the day thirsty and miserable. So, please act with me. Find a place online where you can give, like Charity Water or One Day’s Wages. Or, come with me to Cambodia this summer and get involved there. There are many way’s you can get involved, many ways you should get involved. When I see Jesus I don’t want to hear him say “good job for not drinking water and all those other crazy things you did.” No, I want to hear him say, “good job my good and faithful servant.”

Till then I will go to bed thirsty and try not to forget.

Photo by Amy Cunningham

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