Keeping Vegas Sexy?

This week I am in Las Vegas, NV with a group of friends. We are spending time praying and discussing the Mission Adventures program in N. America. It has been a great time of connecting, praying, snacking and planning.

Yesterday we all hopped in a van and drove around Las Vegas and talked about the whole area of Human Trafficking and the relation to porn and nudity in the city. Here are some things about Las Vegas that should turn your stomach.

– there are 5000 prostitutes advertised in the Las Vegas yellow pages.

– Most of the guys who are handing out the cards on the strip with the naked girls on them are illegal and are only paid $1 – $2 a day, if that.

– A woman will get $500 cash on the spot if she takes off her cloths and gets pictures taken of her. A man will get $1000, but even more if he gets naked with another man, or even more if he makes out with that other man, no questions asked.

– A runaway child will be approached by a trafficker within 12 hours of being on the street.

– A lot of the girls who are prostituting in Las Vegas are just girls doing it for side money to pay for college or for their party lifestyle.

– The closest legal brothel to Las Vegas is 70 miles out of town, but they are currently trying to pass that they can have legal brothels within city limits.

– There are approx. 25,000 people prostituting themselves in Las Vegas. (including the 5000 that are advertised in the yellow pages).

– There are approx. 8000 underage prostitutes on the streets of Las Vegas according to the FBI.

This, if you haven’t noticed already is a problem. Do you want to be a part of the solution? Let me recommend the YWAM Las Vegas abolitionist DTS. They are running it in January14- July 1st 2010 in Las Vegas. The outreaches are to Thailand or India and Nepal. If you are interested click on the following link for more info.


The Abolitionist DTS.

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