Justice Friday- Use your phone for good, not evil

How do you get the most out of your i-Phone? Do you use it primarily as an mp3 player? Do you use the camera most, maps, the internet, email? Everyone has their vise and use for their phone, including me. I am just going to share a few things that I use my phone for that make my life a bit more effective and productive.

The main thing I use my phone for is staying connected with others. I use mailbox often. Now I don’t have push notifications on cause the battery is bad to begin with, but I do check for new mail pretty often. It helps me to communicate with people on an ongoing basis so that I don’t get to behind. I also use Tweetbot a ton to keep up on Twitter streams that are coming in. It helps me see what my friends are up to and helps me communicate random and sometimes meaningful things as they occur. For those people whom I follow closely on Twitter, like @larsrood, I have it set to go straight to text so that I don’t miss anything he posts about his fun to follow life.

the other thing that I use my phone for, which I love and would pay for if it were the only thing I use is a small thing called Alarm. I have alarms set throughout the day to help me function. I am a man of passion who easily forgets. Here are the alarms that I have set:

5:40- Get up,  10:00- Prayer of thanks, 1:16- Pray for justice, 3:45- Pray for Amy and I and our marriage.

I found that when I don’t set alarms I go throughout my day and forget. I forget to pray, forget about others, forget about Justice. I am thankful for when these alarms go off as it causes me to stop and remember. Remember that the world does not just revolve around me, but I am in the world to help it become a better place for me, my family and others.

Lets use our phones for good, not for evil or selfish things alone. Let the technology they have help you love and serve others better, by not forgetting.


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