I like Seth Godin, he challenges me and speaks what has been on my mind and heart for years and years. There is a video, which will be embedded here from the TED conference about tribes. In the video, Seth talks about creating a tribe. Creating a movement of people who know what they are doing and know which direction they are going. This is the intent of Steps Of Justice, to create a tribe of people who care deeply about justice issues.

Steps Of Justice is not a site that is all about itself, it is a site that is about others. Steps is here to give love to other organizations that care about justice, authors and directors who are putting out media and books on justice and individuals who are worth noticing and following. We want you to join this tribe. Join a tribe that is going somewhere a tribe that is making a difference.

Early this morning I went to the apple store to see the line for the new i-Phone 4. I was amazed to see lines on either end of the store wrapping around the block. I went back 3 hours later, 2 hours after the store had opened and saw the same thing. Now I love the i-Phone, and am a pusher of it, but I am not so committed to their tribe that I would wait in line for day’s, or even hours to buy something that will still be around tomorrow. I want to be a part of a tribe that matters and I am assuming you do to.

Check out the video below to see where my inspiration comes from.

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