The Justice Gathering

Screen Shot 2015-05-23 at 8.40.57 AMOn May 15 and 16 Steps of Justice co-hosted the Justice Gathering, a gathering of Christ followers who care deeply about justice issues and want to learn practicalways to fight injustice both locally and globally. 

This was the 2nd Justice Gathering held this year, but not the last. We heard from 9 different Org’s and individuals on what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus and walk in obedience to his call on our lives of loving God and loving others.

You can check out the ministries and see how you can get involved by clicking on the below links.

Hope Services Hawaii– Hope Services brings to life gospel values of justice, love, compassion and hope through service, empowerment and advocacy, bringing respect, intention and structure to every individual and family that we serve.

PhotogenX– The vision of photogenX is to use creative media as a tool for cultural transformation so that issues such as gender based injustice will be issues of history instead of the future. This workshop will focus on project management for justice initiatives.

The Pregnancy Center– The Pregnancy Center is a confidential and free community service. We provide pregnancy tests, ultrasound exams, educational opportunity, fertility awareness classes, prenatal massage, birthing classes, post abortion support and more.

Steps of Justice– Steps of Justice is called to partner with local churches, communities and activists to bring awareness, education and practical steps that help us engage in serving the poor and oppressed of the world. Simply put, we want to help everyone in the world do justice.

Chosen and Dearly Loved– Chosen & Dearly Loved believes that every child is valuable, and whenever possible, belongs in a loving permanent family. Our mission is to love and care for children with special needs: those often the most likely to become orphans and least likely to be adopted.

Deep and Beyond– Deep & Beyond creates opportunities for the disadvantaged and disabled, to explore nature, participate in adventure activities and experience freedom.

YWAM Ships– YWAM Ships in Kona exists to reach the most isolated and disadvantaged islands in the Pacific. Using ships to access these villages is not just the best option… it is the only one. We bring hope to the least reached, those who live on the 700 islands without airports.

Steve Schallert– SoS/SoH moves seamlessly from swelling anthems to traditional Civil Rights songs, and from lament to praise. Songs such a the moving “Lay Me Down” illumine Steve’s deep commitment to social justice and the gospel, and testifies to his own deepening embrace of church as movement of liberation. There are genuine discipleship stories in and behind this music; I commend it enthusiastically.”  –  Ched Myers (Author, Activist, Theologian.

Joel Rogers– Joel works with Innovation studio, a ministry of the UofN in Kona, Hawaii producing videos that tell stories of hope and justice. Joel is also an accomplished musician and web designer.

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