The Justice Conference

Last year 3000 people gathered together in Portland with one intent, to learn how to do justice. The Justice Conference was in it’s second year and had grown almost 10 fold from the previous year. A couple of us from Steps of Justice showed up and were blown away by the connection that everyone had as we all cared deeply about the same cause, honoring Micah 6:8. The one sad thing for us though is that lack of turn out from our own mission, YWAM. There were only 2 locations represented last year, Steps of Justice and YWAM Denver.

YWAM is an organization that lives on 3 principles:

1. Training

2. Evangelism

3. Mercy Ministry (doing justice).

If there were a conference that YWAM should have been at it was this one. When talking to the creators and facilitators of the Justice Conference they also agree. So, this year the Justice Conference is giving a special price to YWAMers and friends of Steps of Justice. The rate right now is $129, but if you register through us you get to go for $89, yep, you heard that right, $89. So if you are a YWAMer, both past and present and would like to attend this years Justice Conference in Philadelphia let us know and sign up below. Thanks friends, and we hope to see you there as it is going to be an amazing time of learning, seeking and doing justice together.

Justice Conference Sign Up       

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