The justice and worship tour

Good evening from Canada. We are taking a few days break from the Justice and Worship tour, so I thought It would be good to give a quick update. We have been on the tour since September 30, so just over 6 weeks. The reason for the tour is to work along side of churches, YWAM ministries and communities to start of movement of people who are taking small, simple steps towards doing justice. We believe that most people that we talk to on the tour care deeply about justice issues, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting involved. This is where the tour comes in.

The tour is simple. Each night we share about different issues in the world, and then share how simple people like you and me took small steps towards doing justice and changed the lives of millions of people. We talk about people like Scott Harrison from Charity Water, Rachel, a young girl who have up her birthday and raised millions, and others who have changed the course of history for many. Then, at the end of the night we have a time of response and worship. We sing some songs and open up the MyNextStepIs site for people to write what God is calling them to.

It is an amazing night, one that we are looking forward to continuing till mid December 10 and then again beginning March 1. We will be putting up a video soon about the night, so stay tuned for the. Till then, please pray for us and let us know if we can come to your city.

Cheers, Phil.


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