The boy’s of Syria

Every Monday night I, (@philcunningham) hang out with a group of Syrian boy’s. I have known these boy’s for the past 18+ months, and I love spending time with them. I have seen them grow into kind, fun, caring boy’s, who desire to feel safe, meet friends, and have a ton of fun.

These boy’s have seen way more in their young lives than I have or will ever see in mine. They have seen war, walked beside and over dead bodies, walked across borders to safety and relocated to the USA, a strange land to start over. They have learned English, American culture and a few select swear words I’m sure. These boy’s have experienced trauma, and have continued to fight and keep an amazing attitude. They are some of the kindest, most loving teenagers I have met in a a long time.

The other week, I spent time with them and asked them to share their stories of coming to the USA, how they have adjusted, what they have loved and what has been difficult. You can listen below.

The Boy’s of Syria.

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