The Beginning of the Epic Tour

It is Day 1 of the Justice and Worship Tour and everything is moving along, that is, except for our trailers. Chris and I had to have some last minute, expensive, work done on our truck, which is delaying our departure from San Diego by  a day. The Cunninghams, nice as they are, decided to stay back with us so we will enjoy one more sunset at Sweetwater Regional Park here in Bonita.

Over the last few weeks I have been pretty impressed with Chris and Phil. Purchasing large diesel trucks and travel trailers has brought out this other side in them that has been quite handy. Earlier today, I peeked out over at the Cunningham’s trailer and Phil was lying on the ground underneath it with some tools, working on their water pump.Chris has been studying up on hitches, sway bars and stabilizers to make sure our trailer is steady. Both boys got to enjoy emptying their respective ‘gray’ and black’ water tanks (I will let you figure out what stuff was in those tanks) and clean out the hoses afterward. Now, they are standing outside, talking about tools and towing and who knows what while Chris is hand-washing our truck (which I have also never seen him do before). It actually has been pretty amazing to watch them jump right and get their hands dirty. Oh, I think Phil just pulled his truck over to our lot to wash his too. Apparantly chamois towels and collapsable buckets are too fun to pass up.

So, enough about the boys – Amy and the girls are getting adjusted to life in the travel trailer, despite the fact that she still is slightly reluctant to tell people about it! Emma and Abby have been on a regular schedule of 2-3 laps around the campground on their scooters every morning and afternoon. Eliza is crawling and pinching a lot and she is awesome. And me, I am surprisingly content in our little metal box, although I keep burning things in our oven. Our dog Mordy is probably having the hardest time adjusting, but I am sure he’ll get there.

Tomorrow morning, if everything goes as planned, we will head up to the YWAM LA base in Sylmar, CA. We have our next “Evening of Justice and Worship” tomorrow night at the base. I think that we are all feeling ready to hit the road, despite being a bit apprehensive about tugging these trailers behind us. We are so excited to share God’s heart for the people that are so often forgotten in our world and see His church respond and take action. I am confident God is going to use this tour to change us and change those with whom we get to do ministry.

If you are in the LA area, we would love to see you there at 7pm.

Post by Jenna Wilson

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