Thanksgiving and National Day of Mourning for Cambodia

Today, Thursday November 25 is a day of thanksgiving for the United States of America, but for Cambodia it is and always will be a day of mourning. A day where they mourn the loss of possibly 400 people crushed and killed in the worst tragedy since the 1970’s Khmer Rouge genocide.

Here is a report on the situation from my good friend Chris who works over there.

Hi Phil,

Good to hear from you. The situation is very tragic, but thankfully no one in YWAM or in my family was involved in the incident. Today is a national day of mourning here in Cambodia. There is a lot of shock and fear, also there are many rumors circulating and people trying to use the situation to make a profit. Please pray that the situation would stabilize, and that hope would replace the current emotions. Thank you for your concern over the nation.



Will you please take a moment today as you celebrate Thanksgiving with your family and friends and mourn with and for the people of Cambodia. Take a moment of silence, say a prayer and remember those who have lost so much.

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