The Syrian refugee crisis, how we can respond.

Good evening from Phil Cunningham. It is late, and I should be in bed, but I have something heavy on my mind. Since moving to San Diego, Steps of Justice has been spending a lot of time with the refugee community, and most recently the Syrian community.

We had the honor of visiting a Syrian family a couple of times last month, they are amazing people. We get to spend 6 days a week with Syrians who have moved to the USA, some as recently as last month, as we help in a school that some of them attend. We are also humbled that we get to help facilitate trauma camps three Saturdays a month for newly arrived Syrian children and teens.

Since 2011, the war in Syria has killed over 400,000 people and displaced over 11 million. Over 800 of those displaced have arrived in San Diego over the last few months. With many of the other nationalities living here under refugee status there is a community already set up, as many have friends or family already living here. With many of the Syrians, they have no one.

I am attaching a link to a list of needs that some of the Syrians we have relationship with have. I feel a desperate need to respond, as Jesus has commanded that If anyone has the worlds goods, and sees his brother in need, they should help (paraphrased by me).

Please read over this if you have time. Contact me if you would like to respond in prayer or finances or resources. My phone number is 206-550-2594 and email is

List of needsĀ 

Have an amazing week.

The above picture is of some of the boy’s in our trauma group that we help facilitate on Saturdays.

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