Daughters of Cambodia

daughtersEach Friday from now until June we are going to be posting stories on Cambodia. This summer we are taking 2 teams to Phnom Penh and we would love you to come with us. All these stories come from Steps of Justice teams and individuals that went to Cambodia with us in past years. They are amazing truths of pain and healing both for the people of Cambodia and the individuals who went on journeys there.

This post is from Phil Cunningham, and is about Daughters of Cambodia:

We get inspired when we hear other people’s story about their journey to do justice. To hear someone who sees or hears about a need, lets that need inspire and change the direction of their lives, and take steps of obedience toward seeing that need met. People are doing this more and more as we see non-profits and NGO’s (non-government organizations) starting up all over the world. Today I wanted to take a short moment to look at one of those ministries with the hope that our lives will change as we get inspired by them.

Ruth Elliot, the founder of Daughters of Cambodia is an amazing woman. She was a YWAMer and after doing some outreaches decided to go back to school in England to get her counseling degree. She graduated with her masters at Oxford and moved to Cambodia to help provide girls in the sex industry with jobs and a future. We have been working with Ruth and Daughters for the past 3 years now and will continue working with them for many more years in the future.

The best way to share the story of Ruth and Daughters is to let her share it herself. Here is a 10 minute video from Daughters. It is well worth the watch, it will inspire and move you.

Daughters of Cambodia you can see what they do here, and also watch the 11 minute video. 

We would love to have you come with us to Cambodia this summer. Get more info here.

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