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Christmas is coming early with Steps Of Justice. As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago we are creating some Steps Of Justice t-shirts. There are a couple of reasons for making shirts (not in order of importance). One is because we really like shirts, they keep us warm and comfy and everyone wears them. Secondly, we want people know about Steps Of Justice. We want people to know our name, what we stand for and that Jesus wants us to live lives of ‘doing justice.’ Finally, we want to see Steps Of Justice go forward and since we are a small grass roots ministry started by Amy, myself and our good friends Wayne and Karyn Shauan we have limited resources. The profits from the shirts will go towards the production of a Steps Of Justice sanitation guide. The guide will focus primarily on water issues and give practical ways that we can be involved in stopping death and illness from diarrhea, dysentery and other water related issues.

We are going to start making the shirts once we have interest in 50 or more. We have two designs of shirts for now, both are white text on black fabric. If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself or as a Christmas gift for a friend they are $14 including shipping in the USA and $16 for orders in Canada. (all orders in US dollars). Procedes of the shirt go towards Steps Of Justice and Sanitation projects. The design was thought up by us and created by the great Wayne D. Shauan. So, if you want a nice soft Steps Of Justice t-shirt as an early Christmas present for yourself or others then shoot us an email and let us know. I have attached a picture of the shirts above. Please email specifying what design, what size and the quantity. Once we get 50 ordered I will start screening and get them sent out to you ASAP.

To read more on sanitation and why it is super important and necessary please go to this article by Nicholas D. Kristof.

Much love to you from the ever growing Steps Of Justice team.

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