Steps Of Justice Step 1

I just wanted to give you an update on the Steps Of Justice ministry that I am working on and also ask you if you would consider giving to it. I know this is blunt and to the point, but we need people to give ($1 to $100 or anything in there) in order to get it off of my computer and into peoples hands. I don’t want to be random and vague in this email, I just want to be straight. So, here is how things have progressed (by the grace and favor of God) over the last week and where we are at currently.

Over the last couple of weeks my good friends Wade and Erica have been pouring over the Prayer/Action guide that we are putting out. This guide is a 30 day resource in order to get students praying and actively involved in doing justice. It points to other organizations who are doing justice as well as lots of media, books, actions, etc. to help them take Steps Of Justice.

On Sunday it was finally finished and so I started looking for a printer to get it off my computer and into your hands and mine. I had a couple of people quote me, but got an email this morning for a local guy who works for my church with an unbeatable price. He is going to send me the PDF tonight of the layout and then if all is a go we will print an initial 500 tomorrow.

I also got the beta page for the web site that my good friend Scott is doing for us. It looks great and should be up and running in the next week or so. Scott works full time with Web design and is donating a bit of his time and working hard at getting this done along with the other stuff that keeps him busy and employed. Thanks so much Scott.

Here is where I ask if you would consider taking a step with me by giving a tax deductible donation to Steps Of Justice in order for me to get the prayer/action guides printed. I am currently working under YWAM San Diego in order to process donations and issue a tax receipts.

What I need is $2000 (100% of which goes to the action/prayer guide) to get the initial 500 printed (this gives you an idea of the deal we are getting on the 72 page full color guide).I would like to get the money to Howard (the printer) by early next week. So far I have poured all my air miles, money and resources into this so I am asking for help from you, my friends who have stood with me all these years as I have walked this road to doing Justice.

If you can give I will send you a completed action/prayer guide as well as the high res PDF of the action/prayer guide for you to print out and distribute at your pleasure (I just want them to get out there. Please email me ( or message me (Twitter) today or morrow if you can help out. If you can’t give, but would want the PDF I can send you that as well, just because I care and I can ;-)

Thanks so, so much to you who have been an inspiration to me during this season.