Steps of Justice CrossFit

I (Phil Cunningham) have been working at City Heights Prep School for the past 3+ years as a coach, teaching assistant, and mentor. Over the past nine months Steps of Justice has been partnering with City Heights Prep Charter school and have created an after-school fitness and nutrition program for the students called Integrity Fitness.

The purpose of Integrity Fitness is to teach students together in community about fitness and nutrition. I started going back to the CrossFit gym in January of this year. Through my time there, I have grown in strength (I can now bench press a small watermelon or a large bag of frozen peas), confidence, integrity and discipline. In October, 2019 I received my CrossFit Level 1 training certificate, which enables me to train people under the banner of Crossfit. I had a desire to transfer this to the community that I work with in City Heights. There are a few gyms in this part of the city, but they are all gyms that do not offer community fitness in the way Integrity Fitness does. Other gyms offer an experience where people try to figure out fitness mostly by themselves, and usually with headphones on. The workouts at Integrity Fitness are team focused and have created a contagious culture of health and fitness in this community.

Currently more than 30 boy’s and girls attend Integrity Fitness each week. Together they learn about integrity, nutrition, discipline and health. So far it has been extremely rewarding for both the students and me, their instructor.  

Our Crossfit box (gym), which we are running free to our students and staff is Affiliated as Steps of Justice CrossFit in the City Heights area of San Diego. Currently, we operate at: 3770 Altadena Avenue, San Diego, CA 92105. If you have any questions about this program, please hit me up at:

Phil Cunningham- 206-550-2594. Also, for more information on CrossFit, please go here.

A video of City Heights Prep Charter school, where we run Integrity Fitness.
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