Mission Statement: We are a movement of people who see the injustice in the world, both locally and globally, and respond with empathy and action.

Mission– Building community through fitness and wellness, that is approachable for all.

Vision– Through faith and fitness, we empower people to do hard things

One way we have started to do this, is though our functional fitness program, Steps of Justice CrossFit.

Phil Cunningham is founder and coach with SOJCF. Phil worked at City Heights Prep School  in San Diego from 2016-2020 as a coach, teaching assistant, and mentor. He is also the co-founder of Steps of Justice, the ministry our fitness program falls under. In 2018, in partnership with CHP,  they created a fitness program working with refugees, immigrants, low income communities, teachers and students.

In April of 2020 Steps of Justice as a ministry moved to Kalispell, MT. In Kalispell Steps of Justice, in partnership with good friends and coaches teaches students about fitness and nutrition by running a kids and teens fitness program. We see  fitness teaching kids confidence, integrity and discipline. Our desire is to serve families and low-income communities by providing affordable fitness and nutrition programs. There are a few gyms in Kalispell, but most of them only work with adults, not families or kids. The workouts Steps runs are team and family focused. These WOD’s create a contagious culture of health and fitness in the community.

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Finally, we would love to have you involved with what is happening with Integrity Fitness. If you are a CF-L1 trainer we would love to have you come coach classes with us. We are looking for partners, who can commit to giving financially either monthly or a one time gift. All your donations are tax deductible, and 100% of your gift, minus card fees, goes towards  Integrity Fitness and the equipment needed to see it run and grow. You can do that by clicking below, and choosing Integrity Fitness.



For more information, contact Phil Cunningham here or call/text- 206-550-2594.For more information on SOJCF click here.