Steps of Justice Projects.

We realized that all of these ideas look good in print, but how does that play out in real, every day life? We have asked that question many times, but have not let it discourage us. Steps of Justice has responded to the needs that are brought before us, and with the help of many, we have been able to see justice roll down like a river into the lives of others. Here are a few projects we have had the honor or working with.

Children at Risk Cambodia– This non profit serves a community who was forcefully displaced from their homes and relocated outside the city. The Children at Risk ministry works with this community through house building, sanitation clinics, children and youth programs and home bible studies. Steps of Justice started partnering with Children at Risk four years ago. Since then, we have been a part of some incredible things:

  • 7 homes funded and built by volunteer teams.
  • Painted the Children at Risk center in 2015 with a volunteer team.
  • Funded 5 students to attend high school and college to pursue careers in medicine and law.
  • Ran sanitation clinics and kids programs each year on our Cambodia trips.
  • Funded and helped build 6 homes for the poor in Cambodia.

Freely In Hope– This ministry is a faith-based nonprofit organization focused on restoring dignity with survivors of sexual violence through holistic educational opportunities and platforms for dreams to be fulfilledLast year through our Advent Conspiracy fundraiser, we were able to send $3825 to help with the purchase of Freely In Hopes new center. This will help the ministry grow and serve more women.

YWAM Ships In 2015 Cyclone Pam devastated Vanuatu leaving many without clean, life giving water. We partnered with YWAM Ships in Kona, HI to bring $3000 worth of water filters to the county. This was funded by individuals like you and served 100’s of people in the affected areas.

YWAM Blankenburg, Germany– Thanks to the generosity of others, we were able to help serve incoming Syrian Refugees learn German. We worked with YWAM Blankenburg, Germany and helped with the purchase of German language software. They are using this software to teach newly arrived individuals German. It was a privilege to serve this community in practical ways.

Refugee programs – Currently we are partnering with a few different churches and non profits in San Diego California, where we are serving newly arrived families with refugee status. We are helping children and adults register for school, which is important as it helps kids learn english, continue their education, and helps them with job training and integrates them into American Culture. It is an honor to serve this community. We also run a weekly youth group for Syrian boy’s, providing a safe space for these students to be themselves and learn truths.

Water Filtration Project– Over the past few years Steps of Justice has provided clean water for hundreds of families in Haiti and Cambodia. We have done this through the help of donors like you, and the fine folks with Sawyer Water Filters. Over the past two summers (2017-2018), we have handed out over 100 filters, and helped facilitate a water filtration seminar to a small village outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Today, there is a church in that village, as a result of the villagers seeing God’s care for them.

Each year we are taking teams to Cambodia, as well as San Diego. We would love for you to join us on one of these trips.