Something new is a comin

It has been almost a week since we ended October Justice Awareness month and typically with me I breath a sigh of relief and then start thinking to myself and out loud “what is next?” In my mind I see Steps Of Justice as not just a ministry that sells books and provides resources for people on how to engage in justice issues, but is also a ministry that is ‘doing justice’. So, in all my thinking and talking to others we have come up with a few actions and resources that we will be presenting shortly.

One of the things we are going to start in December is weekly Steps Of Action. These Steps will be action challenges similar to the Action Monday posts on the blog and in the book. When we went through October Justice Awareness the most positive feedback came from the Action Monday’s. That says something to me, specifically that people are wanting to ‘do something.’ We want to be challenged, we want to get involved.

So, Starting in December we will post a different action step each week. All of the steps will involve material from the 30 day Action & Prayer guide. They will deal with education, poverty, water, gender issues, etc. We will be keeping you updated on everything over the next few weeks till we launch.

Thanks again for being a part of Steps and with what we are doing to see justice happen on earth. We are all about “practical steps for justice that can change the world.”

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