Somalia thanks you 1100 times

One Monday Steps of Justice facilitated a 24 fast/fundraiser for Somalia and famine relief. We had 73 people sign up to fast and pray for Somalia from the time they woke up on Monday till the time they woke up on Tuesday. Most went the whole 24 hours without eating any food or drinking any liquid. Why did we do this? Well, we feel that when we sit in the comfort of our own lives it is easy to forget the tragedy of other peoples lives. During those 24 hours when we were hungry instead of eating we prayed for Somalia. During those 24 hours when we were thirsty we didn’t drink, we prayed for Somalia. It was incredibly effective and powerful.


Here are what a few people who went through the 24 hours said.

That’s great to hear that you raised $1106! Every bit will help! I had never done a fast from both food AND water before and by the end of it I felt horrible, but I did make the 24 hours!” Bruce.

I did fast. Somalia really felt that, right?” Pam. My answer, they feel it when we respond and when we pray God hears our prayers of faith.

Fasting is always something I find extremely difficult but then its supposed to be.  On the other hand fasting collectively with others regarding a monumental crisis makes the slightest discomfort insignificant.  I did find myself getting more and more agitated throughout the day.  I’m in HR and had a really hard time listening to people whining about various “trivial” things.  Especially when millions of people are literally starving to death.  I can get so worked up about peoples attitudes toward each other.  It’s way too easy to just change the channel and pretend its not really happening.  People can be to “me” focused and not show compassion or the slightest hint of responsibilty toward each other, particularly if they have never met.  It’s fustrating because in general we have the means by which we can do something. But because it seems too big for us (which it is)  we choose to do nothing.  God is a big God (thank goodness) and He has the ability to bring like minded people together to fast, pray and seek His face and to do whatever they can for the people of Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya.  As daunting as it seems to us, God has/ is the solution.  Whoa I’m rambling, sorry.” Shelly

As a result of the 24 hours 32 people gave a total of $1106 and counting. We are going to send 100% of that money to aid in Somalia. So, we thank you for praying. We thank you for fasting, and we thank you for giving.

Together taking small steps that can change the world

Steps Of Justice- Whats your next step? from Steps of Justice on Vimeo.




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