Well, our first Cambodia trip is underway. We have 17 people on the ground, and one girl still in NYC trying to get out, she should be on her way tonight. The trip started with many distractions, including missed flights, airlines that were on strike and missed flight information due to the international dateline. We believed from the start that Jesus had something special for this team, and we continue to pray into that. Here is an update from Jodi, one of our team members from the Cayman Islands:

“I have learned so much since being here. Cambodia has impacted my heart already. I’m super interested to find out all of which God has in store, this is definitely going to change my life.

 On Monday, we got to see what refugees may be experiencing while living a foreign land with cultural and language barriers. It was such a practical exercise that created awareness in our hearts, and greater empathy.  We also got to learn about Cambodian history, and the great injustice of the Khmer Rouge. We saw the Genocide Museum, which was once a prison and the Killing fields. It was so impactful, eye opening, and heart breaking.

Today we got to go to IJM and see how God made a way for His light to shine into the darkness. It was really encouraging to see the drastic change in the child sex industry over the last 12 years. Jesus is truly the hope of the nations, and the hope for Cambodia. He is the restorer of all things. We shopped and ate at Daughters today,  I felt so privileged to be able to support an organization that has been helped both women and ‘lady boys’ to build a new life and find hope. Thank so much for giving me and the team this opportunity Phil, I’m really grateful.

I have been getting to learn about the culture through interactions with people, and watching them interact with each other. It’s amazing how communication is not limited to verbal language. It’s super cool.

(Sorry that it’s so long. I summarized as much as I could.)

The team and leaders have been really friendly so far as well.

Thanks again.

Warm regards,

Please continue to pray for our team, they are in country till July 7. Pray for safety, wisdom and health. Also, to follow along use the tag #cambodias0j2016 on Instagram.

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