September Campaign

Today’s blog is being hijacked by Charity Water. Charity Water is doing some amazing work around the globe by getting clean, life giving water to those who have none. Despite race, culture, religious belief or economic standard Charity Water is helping those in need, not those who believe what they believe and as a result should be served, no, they serve out of peoples need. Charity Water gives 100% of its donations to water and water projects, none goes towards overhead. We with Steps of Justice were greatly influenced by Charity Waters 100% commitment and join with them in trusting God with our personal finances so that all that is given goes back out.

This year Charity Waters September Campaign is raising $1.7 million for wells and community development in Rwanda. I will save you my explanation and send you directly to them as they tell the story best. Thanks a lot Charity Water and Scott Harrison for your commitment to Christ and the poor.

September Campaign 2012 Trailer: Rwanda from charity: water on Vimeo.



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