Rebuild Cambodia

100 families from the Borei Keila neighborhood were relocated to “land in desolate and far-off relocation sites, with hygiene and safety standards worse than those found in many refugee camps” as quoted from a January 22, 2012 article from The Faster Times. There are 30 more families on property next to the 100 families. The remaining 180 or so families remain in the Borei Keila area homeless. The Cambodian government took the Borei Kelia neighborhood and sold the land to a development company. The same company that forcefully evicted the families to the substandard land are saying that the 30 families are “Squatting” on the land and will be forcefully removed from that location as well. There is no UN, Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army helping out here.

ROCK Foundation Cambodia took a few of us from Steps of Justice to the location so these families could share their story with us. With our hearts broken and realizing their overwhelming needs, we are partnering with the ROCK Foundation Cambodia to bring hope, love and empowerment to these families in need.

We are wanting to share the stories of these families with others so that others will take a step of justice! This summer we will be working with Brett and the Rock Foundation and spending a good portion of our time with the Borei Keila community. We will be putting on a kids program, teaching the good news of Jesus Christ, doing work projects, and building relationships with the community there. As of today, all the land is purchased for these families and 25 of the homes have been built.
Check out the Rebuild Cambodia site to see what is going on in this community and sign up to come with us this summer to Cambodia.

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