Rainy season is coming soon.

Let us introduce you to our friend Sinon. Sinon is a single mother of two, living just outside of Phnom Penh, Cambodia’s capital city. Sinon is a survivor, she refuses to let the burden of single parenting slow her down. She volunteers full time with the Children at Risk ministry that YWAM Phnom Penh runs.

Sinon’s mother lives in a house that is just around the corner from her. The roof of her moms house is filled with holes and cracks, and so when it rains (Cambodia is just entering into their rainy season) the whole kitchen gets soaked, and water runs throughout the house. As a result, she has to cook in the living room. She cooks on the floor, using wood, and because of this the living room gets overwhelmed with smoke and the heat of the fire.

On June 12, Steps of Justice is leading another team back to Cambodia to fix Sinon’s mom’s house. We need to raise $1200USD for this project. We are asking of you can give towards this need. We will be posting more over the next few days, including pictures of the roof. Would you pray and talk to your mom, dad, spouse or Jesus about getting involved with this project? You can do this by donating to

Thanks so much, we need your voice and support.

Phil Cunningham, Co-founder of Steps of Justice.

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