Praying for Mouen

Last week a bunch of us were praying for Mouen. Mouen fell off of a ladder while fixing his roof in Cambodia. Mouen ended up loosing feeling in his legs and needed a $500 operation to place a metal plate in his back to reconnect his backbone. Here is an update on Mouen from the Rock Foundation.

“Pastor Thyven of Rock Foundation visiting Mouen in the hospital. Today Mouen seemed kind of down and really needed encouragement from Brett and Thyven. The doctors said he was having a little bit of feeling coming back into his legs and when i touched his leg he said he felt it. He doesn’t have much of a chance to walk again but please keep praying because anything is possible. He also has developed a bedsore which is not looking too bad but is very dangerous for Mouen at this point.”

If you would like to follow the Rock Foundation in Cambodia you can do that here. Lets keep praying for healing for Mouen and his family through this time, specifically as his wife is due with there baby very soon.

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