Prayer for Steps

The other day I was thinking about Steps Of Justice and what my desire is for this new ministry. I kept thinking of all the cool things that we want to do. I was dreaming of starting a school, getting more resources out there, working with amazing people and then I felt this quiet voice in my head saying “dont forget to pray.”

Steps Of Justice was born in prayer. What do I mean by that you may ask. Well, it came out of God speaking his heart for Justice. Everything we did came out of prayer. We prayed about starting the ministry. We prayed about putting together the 30 day Prayer and Action guide. We prayed about the web site that you are now on. We prayed about putting thousands of dollars on our personal credit card to get Steps Of Justice off of the ground. All of these things that we have done have come out of prayer.

There seems to be this momentum building with Steps Of Justice now and I don’t want to forget about how we got here, through prayer. We are going to set some rhythms in motion to make sure we don’t forget. We are going to gather each week with good friends and co-workers to prayer for Steps Of Justice. We are looking at putting together a once a month 24 hour prayer time that would be online and interactive. We are also praying about a Steps Of Justice prayer app for your phone or i-pod touch. We would also ask you to please keep us in your prayers. If you have a prayer list please add us to it. If you have a phone set an alarm each day to prayer for Steps Of Justice. We need your prayers.

This is also why we put out the 30 day Prayer and Action Guide, cause we believe in prayer. We are really wanting to get as many of these out there as we can. We are currently on our second print and want to get rid of them so that we can order the 3rd print. If you have one would you consider giving it to someone else, or ordering one for someone that you think would like it? Or, if you do not have one would you consider taking a few moments and ordering one from this site? It would be a great help to us in moving forward. And when you get your guide, take the time to pray through it. It will change you and as a result you will be used to change others.



Photo by Lindsay Spang

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