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Cambodia_SoJ_Aug2013_2-48Each Friday from now until June we are going to be posting stories on Cambodia. This summer we are taking 2 teams to Phnom Penh and we would love you to come with us. All these stories come from Steps of Justice teams and individuals that went to Cambodia with us in past years. They are amazing truths of pain and healing both for the people of Cambodia and the individuals who went on journeys there.

From Regan Watkins- Staff with Steps of Justice

“While in Cambodia, our team had the privilege of working with Love 146 in the Red Light district of Phnom Pehn. Every Wednesday and Friday our team would gather in the Golden Sorya Mall/Beer Garden where women are forced to prostitute themselves out to tourists and other men. After a couple weeks of small talk with the ladies, we found ourselves in a bar called Plan B. Something was different about the women working there. They were eager to be around us and enjoyed our company. We would often play Jenga or Connect 4 to break the language barrier; laughter is universal. Although the conversations never went deeper than “do you like working here?” with a quick shake of the head signaling a no, I honestly felt like genuine friendship was formed.

There was one instance when a teammate and I walked into Plan B to say hello to our friends, and we noticed a girl we met the week before named Sophie was with two clients. She heard the door open and leaned back to see who had walked in. When she saw that it was us, her face lit up with the biggest smile, she jumped off the bar seat, leaving her clients behind to come greet us. That was the moment that changed everything for me. I had a realization that even though we can’t free them from their situation immediately, we can still show them there’s hope through the love of Jesus. Sophie knew that we loved her and that’s why she chose to be with us rather than making money from her clients. God’s love is what attracts people to Him.

We are called to love others and walking that out is truly and incredible experience. The women at Plan B are ready for God’s perfect love.”

For more info on Cambodia check out the Matthew 25 outreach page.

Photo by Lindsey

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