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Cambodia_SoJ_Aug2013_2-24 copySome of you have been asking how October Justice Awareness month is going to work, so here it is. On Tuesday October 1 we will close out the event page and put our focus fully on

Each day we will be focussing on a different issue of injustice. All of these issues are prevalent around the world, but for this year we will be specifically highlighting the Kingdom of Cambodia. We will be looking at issues like:

– Poverty
– Child Trafficking
– Land Grabbing
– Refugees and Displaced persons
– Orphans
– The Marginalized
– Education of Girls
– Sanitation


For each day (Tuesday through Friday) we will look at the issue, an organization that is doing something to bring justice to that issue and a way that you and I can be involved both locally at home and globally in Cambodia.

On Monday we will have action days, like a day without shoes to remember the poor, a day where we fast food to remember those who hunger, followed by us sharing our food with someone who has none in our community, and a day without water to remember the nearly 1 billion who lack access to clean life giving water.

On Saturday we will tell stories of people who have done justice and then on Sunday we will look at how Jesus lived a life of loving God and doing justice for others.

We will also have a project that we will be raising money for. While in Cambodia we will be building a home for a family in need. We will be hiring local builders and working along side them. We want to raise $2500 to pay for this home, we believe we will see this happen over the month.

We will post more information on the web site, and you can get involved at whatever level you want. We will also be having some contests for prizes, like best photo of justice happening, best video of a justice work you did and best story of you or your group loving someone in their need.

Thanks for journeying with us in this, it truly will be life changing.

Photo by Lindsey Brunsman

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