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I remember a few years ago when I was thinking about starting Steps of Justice I had an image of myself standing at the foot of Mount Rainier. As I stood there I clearly heard God say to me “Could you climb to the top of this mountain?” I responded by saying “There is no way that I could climb to the top. I’m not skilled as a climber and I am not in very good shape.” Then I heard God say “Just start walking, start taking steps.” This is where Steps was born

This is also where “My Next Step Is…” was born. There are many things we want to do in regards to ‘doing justice’ and it all starts with just one step. That step may be to read a book about justice, volunteer at a homeless shelter, start writing on issues that you care about or show love to those who need it most.We can do many things to bring change but it all starts with just one step. If we just look at the big issues we can become paralyzed and not do anything about them, but if we think about one little action that we could do to make a difference we would go from paralysis to engaging in issues.  We created Steps to help people take that small little act and a few weeks ago we launched mynextstepis.

The point of MyNextStepIs was and is to help people respond to what God is asking them to do in regards to engaging with justice issues. You can go on the site and type your name (first only), e-mail (not to be published) and your next step. Some of the steps that have already gone up are to pray for people when God is asking me to, to get involved in justice issues, to start the process of becoming a foster parent and support education in the developing world.” This has been super encouraging to watch and be a part of. After people write and submit their next step it sends an e-mail to them and to us. The e-mail link goes to their step where they can publish it on Facebook or Tweet it. Then, a couple of weeks later we will email them to see how they are doing with their steps.

We are going to be primarily using MyNextStepIs as a part of our evenings of Justice and Worship that we will be touring with this fall up the west coast. The night is an evening of teaching, story, worship and intercession in regards to Justice issues, based out of Acts 16.  As a part of the night we are encouraging people to go to the i-Pads and computers that are around the room and type in what they feel Jesus is telling them in regards to their next step. In a little bit we will be launching a new site that talks about the Evenings Of Justice and Worship over at But until then if you could stop by the MyNextStepIs site that would rule.

Thanks and stay tuned for more info.

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