MLK had a dream

On August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I Have A Dream” speech to over 1/4 of a million people in Washington. The thing with MLK’s dream is that he didn’t just get up and tell people what his dream was, he lived out his dream in every area of his life. He marched for justice, lived for justice and advocated for justice until his assassination at 6:01 p.m., April 4, 1968.

I believe Jesus has a dream too. His dream is that the sick would be cured, the widow would be cared for, the hungry would be fed, the slave would be freed and the poor would have the gospel preached to them. In addition, Jesus is not just going to share his dream and go back to sleep, His intent and plan is that we would be the answer to His dream and that we would have the same dream. Micah tells us what the Lord requires of us, to ‘do justice.’

How are you and I being the answer to God’s dream? Dreams are not meant to die, they are meant to be fulfilled. It is super exciting and convicting that God wants us to be the answer to His dreams. It is his dream that no one would die from hunger. It is His dream that no one would be sold as a sex slave. It is his dream that families would have enough money to eat, drink clean water and have a roof over their heads. It is His dream that people would not die from a mosquito bite. It is His dream that the rich would stop getting richer and that the poor would stop getting poorer.

How can we be the answer? After all, we are called to be the answer to His dreams. This is exciting. My encouragement to you and to me is to do justice. It is in you, the dream is there and we are the answer.

Picture from Israel blog.

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