March 8, International Women’s day

Today is International Women’s day all over the world. This year, international woman’s day is focussing on Equal Access to education, training and science and technology for women. All over the world women are discriminated agains for just that, being born a woman. You know the statistics agains women, they are horrible. If you don’t know them you can go here to see how women are downplayed in much of our world.

What can you do today to make International Woman’s day count? You can take a step and do an act of Justice. Here are a few things you can do.

1. Take some time to learn about women in the world. Read on some amazing women like Rosa ParksMother Theresa and Esther in the Bible to name a few.

2. Pray for the women that God has placed in your life, your mom, sisters, children, grandparents, teachers, etc. Do something special for them today, just because.

3. Check out some web sites and take a step towards enriching a girls life. The Girl Store is a great site where you can purchase school supplies for girls.

4. Watch the Girl Effect Video and see how a girl can change the world.

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