Lent, day 3

Today is day 3 in the season of Lent. I am encouraged by the amount of people who are ‘doing justice’ for this Lent season. There is this sense of excitement when we start something like this, but it can fade quickly the longer the commitment is. The time commitment for Lent is long, 40 + days long. The exciting thing about doing something for that length of time though is that it becomes habitual, it becomes a part of your daily life if you don’t bail out before the end.

For those of you who are just learning about Lent, or haven’t decided what you would like to give up yet I would like to make a suggestion. Blood Water Mission is doing a 40 day project called¬†Forty¬†Day’s Of Water. During the next 40 day’s drink only water. Then, with the money you save by not buying pop, coffee, beer or scotch you donate to Blood Water Mission and their work of drilling wells in Africa.

This season is all about drawing close to Jesus and the cross. It is a time to see that we are sinners in need of a saving God. It is also a season where we draw close to the heart of God. The closer we get to His heart the more we see that His heart is with the poor, the oppressed and the lost. This is where ‘doing justice’ comes in. For this Lent season we are asking that you not only give up something, but that you do something, something that gives live to someone else.

Thanks for journeying with us.

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