Steps of Justice is excited to announce that this upcoming summer we will be sending a team to serve Syrian refugees in Damour Lebanon.

Many of us have heard about the civil war that is currently going on in Syria. This war has led to over 450,000 deaths, along with creating well over 5 million refugees. One of the countries that has been flooded by refugees is the neighboring country of Lebanon. Lebanon is a beautiful and richly diverse nation that has opened its doors to close to 2 million refugees.

Steps of Justice  partners with local ministries on the ground that reaches out to those who are the most vulnerable, hurt and abandoned.

This Summer, we will be sending a team for two weeks during the holy month of Ramadan. We will be making food and breaking fast with a different family every night. We will also learn about the issues going on in Lebanon with the refugee community and supporting local volunteers working full time on the ground.

Some of the activities we will be doing on your trip are:

  • Prayer walking
  • Running a Sports camp
  • Walking where Jesus walked
  • Food distribution
  • Times of worship, prayer and debrief
  • Home visits


  • How long is the trip? The Lebanon missions trip is two weeks.
  • How much will it cost? The cost is $945 per participant  (not including travel to Beirut Lebanon).
  • Where will we Sleep? We will be sleeping at an apartment (with showers and a kitchen).
  • Contact Phil Cunningham with Steps of Justice at 206-550-2594 or email at trips@stepsofjustice.org
  • Dates: Leave U.S on May 26th arriving May 27th / Departing June 5th. FULL 
  • Cost $949- Please add $20 if paying online for additional fees.
  • $100 Deposit guarantees spot
  • Space is limited to 12 Individuals. (1st come 1st served)
  • Must be 18 Years and older

Price includes: Food, lodging, transportation in Lebanon, translators, health insurance while in country.

To apply for this trip click on the below form and click here or below to reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.