Leaving on a jet plane

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.26.07 PMIn 20 minutes I will board a plane headed for Cambodia. Myself, along with 2 others are leading 19 people from 5 different nations on our second Steps of Justice Cambodia trip of the summer. The 22 of us will be on the ground from August 12-22. While there we will be hearing about the history of Cambodia and spending time looking at how their history has shaped the culture of Cambodia as it stands today. Our Goal, to love God and to love others, specifically the people of Cambodia.

As a Steps of Justice trip we will be focussing mainly on issues of extreme poverty. We will be partnering with NGO’s like Rock Foundation, Hagar, IJM, Love 146 and Daughters of Cambodia to name a few. We want to get a first hand look at the horrors of injustice that face Cambodia and hear from people that have stepped in and brought change.

The average annual income in Cambodia according to World Vision is $760 USD. There are approximately 50,000 sex slaves working in Cambodia right now according to Agape International Mission. There is not a shortage of need in this country, but there is also not a shortage of people willing to respond to this need.

Our time in Cambodia is just that, seeing the need, hearing about those who have responded and being inspired to live our lives the same through responding to all the needs we see around us, both locally and globally.  We covet your prayers during our time there. If you want to be involved you can follow on the Facebook site or Instagram page. You can also come with us on our September trip, info linked above.

Much love to you. Doing justice one step at a time.

Phil Cunningham

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