Steps of Justice is a registered 501-c3 not-profit Christian organization. We are a movement that brings awareness of injustice issues and provides practical steps that help you and I get involved. We are an awareness movement that leads to action.

Our vision is to bring an awareness of injustice issues that lead us to action. 

Steps is a ministry of Youth With A Mission (YWAM) international. We desire to see the great commission fulfilled through loving God and loving others.

We do this through the following ways:


Simple Steps

Here are a few ways that you can get more involved.

  1. Pray– Pray that God gives you His heart for areas of injustice. William Wilberforce paved the way for the abolitionist movement through prayer.
  2. Educate– Educate yourself on injustice issues through this site and the 30 Day Prayer & Action Guide. Then, educate others.
  3. Encourage– Encourage others to get involved in areas of injustice, they can start with the Prayer guide or a Steps trip.
  4. Support– You can support Steps of Justice financially, or support us by heading over to our  FacebookTwitter, and Instagram Page.
  5. Rescue– Rescue the oppressed. You can do this by volunteering at a homeless shelter in your town, serving the refugee community or supporting local and international rescue missions.
  6. Restore– Help restore people to wholeness through coming on a trip with Steps of Justice, or supporting a restoration ministry in your town.