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Good morning friends from Phil and the gang over with Steps of Justice. This update is to let you know what is going on with Steps and also to ask if you can help us with a project we have coming up. In June of 2010 we launched Steps Of Justice. Since then we have had over 10,500 views on our web site, distributed and sold over 4000 Prayer & Action guides, and with the help of our good friend Scott created a beautiful web site. This summer we are taking 25 people from all over the USA and Canada to Cambodia for a 10 day outreach and we have seen God do many other cool things through this ministry.  

One of the things that we are super excited about is the Evenings of Justice and Worship that we have recently launched. We had our first evening last Saturday, March 12 and it was incredible. The evening was a time where we told stories of what God is doing in the world in regards to ‘doing justice.’ It was also a time where we shared some of the needs in the world today that require our response, especially in regards to those living in extreme poverty, the 25000 dying every day from hunger related issues and the 25 million enslaved in our world. We closed the time with prayer and worship, asking Jesus to be with the oppressed and to use us in seeing justice happen on earth.

These evenings engages two main themes. The first comes from the book of Acts where we find Paul and Silas chained up in prison. Paul and Silas start worshiping and as a result their chains are broken and the prison doors unlocked. We also see that not only their chains were broken but the chains of all the other prisoners in the jail were broken as they worshiped Jesus. This is a beautiful truth of how our worship and prayer to God sets captives free. The other theme for the nights came out of a time of prayer and discussion with our Steps of Justice team. Throughout the night we kept asking people “what is your next step?” The idea is to help people figure out and take their next step into what God is saying for their lives in regards to ‘doing justice.’

We are going to continue running the evenings of Justice and Worship, the next on in Tijuana, Mexico March 29, and we would love your help in this. We want to make this night as engaging as possible for the people coming. One of the ways that we will do this is by having 2 iPads in the center of the room running the web site (being developed). As a response to the night people will come up to the iPads and type in what their next step is. They can post it to their Facebook page so that their friends and others can see what God is doing in their lives and hold them accountable to their next step. Their next step will also be emailed out to them and their friends for accountability.

We need your involvement. Since this ministry is so new we are running all expenses out of pocket. We truly feel that having the iPads available for people to immediately respond to what God is speaking will really make these nights engaging. We are looking to purchase 2 iPads and the total cost would be $1097.33. We would order the 16 GB ones, as we don’t need a lot of space and that is the minimum size. The other option is that if you already have an iPad and were looking to upgrade would you prayerfully consider donating to Steps of Justice for a tax refund of whatever the iPad is worth, then get a brand spanking new one. I understand this is asking a lot and may seem excessive, but Steps of Justice has always tried to engage people using ways that they are already comfortable and familiar with in technology.

If you are interested in being a part of this in any way by donating $10, $50, $100 or more please let us know. You can just post a comment or email directly at, please email me if you have any questions. We have been so blown away and blessed by the response to Steps of Justice. Thanks for your involvement and support of it. We are truly grateful for your partnership and we couldn’t’t do it without you. We are looking forward to sharing more with you as God continues to move through these evenings of Justice and Worship.

Cheers, the Steps of Justice team.

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