Justice Friday- An update on the tuk tuk drivers

Cambodia_SoJ_Aug2013_2-18 copyEach Friday from now until June we are going to be posting stories on Justice and Cambodia. This summer we are taking 3 teams to Phnom Penh and we would love you to come with us. All these stories come from Steps of Justice teams and individuals that went to Cambodia with us in past years. They are amazing truths of pain and healing both for the people of Cambodia and the individuals who went on journeys there.

An update from Don and the Tuk Tuk drivers. Check previous post.

A few weeks ago our friend Arno posted a story about some tuk tuk drivers in Cambodia that we are friends with. We asked if anyone was interested in helping support the Bible Study that these new followers of Jesus are hosting each week and a few of you responded. As a result, the Bible studies for the next 8 months and 1 week are fully covered, thank you. Here is an update from Don, Pictured above, as to how things are going. (I left the letter how he wrote it, so you can see the rawness of his writing and the fact that he is trying to write english for us to understand).

Hey it is so great to heard from you, i am so glad and i am so happy for all of our friend they are decide to follow Jesus. I am going to study the Bible with them every Wednesday, but sometime they are busy, but Som bat he cam every week. When Jeremy and his team they are stay here they are always pay for coffee and breakfast for us now no body to pay us so i want you to pay for us. can you do that? Much love. Don and family.”  From Feb 24

Then  I received this. “Hello my big brother Philter. Thank you for your e mail.
we are starting to study the Bible in Matthew every Wednesday and we have sometime 7 or 8 people joined us and some week 2 or 3 people  because they are very busy for driving but now we are want to changing to the day when they are free and we have some Tuk tuk driver to study . Som bat. Meng. Pul. Run. Rong. Toun. and some friend to joined us and for coffee is 2000real and Chicken rice 5000real almost $2. Before Jeremy and I Know they are Joined us and pay for us and this morning we start to study open the bible was and chapter and learn how to pray and reading some was in Matthew it is so cool time.  i love you man. Much love.Don and family” From Feb 27

Finally, the other day I received this. “Hello my big brother Pilter. the money i go to pick up from  Monday is $60 i am sorry for let reply back to you because i have no internet for use for a well. we are thank you so much for your blessing us and we have to study bible school on Tuesday last week. one guy from Ywam to jone with us his name Steav to sharing to our tuk tuk driver. and this week we are start on Tuesday morning all so. i would like you and all our friend pray for us that for everything. our tuk tuk driver they are have request to you they are all together want to driving your team when you what do you think?  Love you and miss you brother, Don and family” From March 20.

This is why we continue to go back to Cambodia each year. We are not into mission tourism, we are into discipleship. This story is a result of years of friendship and discipleship from the Steps of Justice teams, the long term YWAM workers in Cambodia and all the other teams and individuals who have come into the lives of these men. Thank you for your investment, is is growing the kingdom.

For more info on Cambodia check out the Matthew 25 outreach page.

Photo by Lindsey

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