Justice Friday- October Madness

Steps Of Justice is pushing for October to be  a Justice Awareness month. I believe we could see 1000 people go through the Steps Of Justice 30 day prayer guide and Doing Justice (Micah 6:8). We can change the world one step at a time by taking Steps Of Justice.

Here is how I see it working, or at least here is how it looks in my head right now. I see 1000 people (we are 10% there) taking the month of October to pray through justice issues. Now I don’t just see 1000 people praying, I see a 1000 people taking action, giving money, getting passionate and changing lives (our own and those we will be giving a voice back to).

When I first started seing that Jesus calls us to Do Justice I was overwhelmed by the amount of injustice out there. Human trafficking, poverty, HIV/AIDS, no access to water, people dying from diarrhea, TB and other curable diseases and FGM to name a few. The more I looked into these issues and got involved the more I got passionate about seing a change happen, not just seing it happen, but being apart of the change. This is why, along with my friend Wayne I created Steps Of Justice and the 30 day Prayer/Action guide.

My hope is that during the month of October the same thing happens to 1000 other people who are taking the month to look at the worlds injustices. I saw a great definition of social justice on the Rock For Justice site. It goes a little like this “Social injustice has a lot of varied definitions, but we at Rock for Justice define it as the deprivation of basic human rights.  When someone is without basic human necessities – food, clean water, shelter, clothing, the right to certain freedoms, basic medical aid, etc., then they are victims of social injustice.”

If you care about these issues and would like to spend the month of October with us praying and getting involved in being the change please sign up over on the Facebook page. Also, please send over anyone else that you think would be interested in it. Then, drop by and pick up a Prayer/Action guide here. It is not necessary, but we will be referring to it and it helps keep Steps Of Justice going.

For each of you who purchase the book Steps will donate 15%, $1 to an organization that is doing justice and needing funds to help it continue. Thanks so much, please spread the love to anyone you can.

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