Justice Friday- Leaving Cambodia

brothelThe day had arrived; it was finally time to pack up and leave what had been our home for the past two months. I was so ready to leave Cambodia. I was tired of sweating, sick of eating excessive amounts of rice, and wanted so desperately to flush toilet paper down a toilet. With my eagerness to leave, however, The Lord kept speaking to me about this country.

I felt in my heart like the work we had been doing was finished. I had talked to all the street kids, hung out with all the prostitutes, and washed all the lice-infested heads I was going to wash. We had successfully finished outreach. I felt this way up until my ride to the airport to leave. During the ride out of the city, I was thanking God for the past two months when I looked out my Tuk Tuk and saw just another average girl walk into her KTV (karaoke and television) bar to start her night of prostituting. Instantly the feeling of satisfaction left and I realized that my work is not finished in Cambodia. The Lord had implanted inside of me a completely unsatisfied feeling. There is so much more work to be done in Cambodia. There are lives to be saved and there are people who still need the freedom that Jesus gives.

I often question why seeing that girl walk into the KTV was that last thing I saw while leaving Phnom Penh. I think that is the moment that gave me a passion for Cambodia. I’m so excited to get back there this summer and continue the work that God has started!!

Post by Regan Watkins- Steps of Justice staff. 


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