Justice awareness month

Steps of Justice is calling for 1000 people to make October a justice awareness month. Here is how it is going to work.

For the month of October we want to see 1000 people doing justice together. We will go through the Steps Of Justice prayer/action guide and become apart of what God is already doing to see justice for all. Each day we will be posting the justice issue for that day. These will come out of the 30 day Prayer/Action guide. We will also be running the Facebook Group so that throughout the day people can comment on what God has done and shown them throughout their day of doing justice.

Tell your friends, your co-workers, fellow students, your mom and everyone else about this so that we can see 1000 of us doing justice together during the month of October.

There will be more details to come as well as updates and posts on the web at

We will begin the month on Oct. 4, which is a Monday. Why then you ask? Well because the book is made up of days, starting with Monday, which is an action day. We will be posting things on the web in the next few weeks to bring more clarity to how we will proceed.

Here is the link to the event so that you can sign up, or you can just sign up here and off we go.

Justice Awareness October

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