Justice Awareness Month

We are finally here, Steps Of Justice October Justice Awareness Month is tomorrow (man, thats a mouthful to say). I am totally excited about the next 27 days. I am excited about focussing the entire month on Justice. I am exited that I won’t be doing it alone. I am excited to see what comes out of this month, both in your and my life and in the lives of the billions of people around the world that we are “doing justice” for.

To be honest, I am also a bit nervous. I am nervous because I don’t know what to expect. I am currently over in New Zealand teaching on a Justice school with YWAM. I couldn’t be farther away from what is going on with this justice month that I am responsible for setting up, primarily in the USA and Canada. There are a few other nations engaged with the Justice month, but mostly its in N. America. It is like God took me out of a situation that I thought I could control and manage and made me totally reliant on Him.

Another example of this was yesterday. Yesterday the National Youth Workers Convention in San Diego (where I live) handed out 1700 of the Steps Of Justice 30 day Prayer/Action guides. While they were passing them out I was sitting on a plane over to NZ. It’s like God once again took me out of a situation that I thought I could control and said “trust me Phil, trust me.”

Well, now I have no choice but to “trust in Jesus” with this thing. My hope all along was that everything I did came out of my heart and love for the Lord. I guess this is the perfect way to start that out, trusting in Him. So, my prayer and hope for this month and for the rest of the existence of Steps Of Justice is that Jesus is the head and I just do all the ground work.

If you are reading and plan on participating in the Justice Awareness month please remember to keep this month close to your heart in prayer. It will be great to see what Jesus does in and through it. Please also comment and talk about what God is doing in your life as a result of Doing Justice.

Why are we doing this? Well, in closing it is because “He has shown you, oh man. What is good and what does the Lord require of us? To do justice…” Micah 6:8

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