Japan, you are in our prayers

As you most likely know, yesterday at 2:46pm (Tokyo time) an 8.9 earthquake hit outside of Tokyo Japan. As a result, Tsunami waves destroyed much of the coastal countryside, taking with it homes, cars, buildings and people. I sat there with Amy watching it happen after seeing it on Twitter just moments after the earthquake hit. We sat there in horror and disbelief, both at the site of what we were seing and at the fact that we were following and watching live, along with millions of others around the world via TV and Twitter. We watched cars being swept away and screamed in our heads to the people driving away from the water as it chased them down to move, go faster, get out of there. It was horrifying.

Today we remember Japan. Please take some time today and pray for this nation and those affected from this devastating quake. It is the middle of the night in Japan right now, we are going to see the destruction in a few hours after the sun comes up, and it is bound to be devastating. Don’t forget Japan, prayer for this country and look for ways in the next few days that you can get involved. That may be by sending money or by organizing a prayer time with your church or group of friends. Remember Japan as you say grace with your kids, start meetings at your work, or hang with friends at your work.

Jesus, we do pray for this country and those affected. Give wisdom and discernment to those who are involved in coordinating rescue efforts and clean up. We pray for quick and strategic measures to be taken.

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